Textile Restoration

Textile Restoration

Magic Touch Cleaners and Alteration also offers professional textile restoration services. Whether your clothing or household fabric items have lost form and beauty because of fire, smoke, chemicals, water, mold, and so on, we are able to restore it to how it was when you first had it. Below is a list of some of the items we can help you to restore:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Head wears
  • Sports wears
  • House-hold fabric items
  • Leather materials
  • Undergarment laundry and Dry-cleanable items

Let’s Help You Get Those Items Back in Shape!

At Magic Touch Cleaners & Alteration, we know that people often have a sort of connection with their clothing and other items, probably because of how they obtained the items or any other reason. We do not want you to give up on these special items because they have been affected by fire, smoke, and so on; rather, we want you to trust us to perfectly restore them to an “as-it-was” state.

It does not matter the kind of damage that has been done to your items, as long as they are not burnt, we do not only have special tools and materials, but we also have experienced, professional cleaners that can help transform them. Therefore, those amazing, favorite clothes and items you loved so much can still remain in your wardrobe if you trust us to help you.