Your San Diego Dry Cleaning Service for Benchmark Quality and Standout Results

Your clothing deserves expert care and maintenance, and your dry cleaner plays a major role in the lifespan of your garments. Think about it: if you’re investing in tailored, high-quality, well-made pieces, why would you want to risk damaging them through inferior cleaning techniques?

Magic Touch Cleaners and Alterations has earned a reputation as an industry leader for dry cleaning in San Diego, CA. We give acute attention to every item we oversee. Each of your clothing pieces will be inspected and treated with the best and most precise methods for their individual needs.

We hire and train a team of textile pros who understand the intricacies of garment care and work to deliver superior results for each piece that comes our way. Your items will be returned to you in the best possible state of cleanliness and repair.

Full-Service Dry Cleaning and Clothing Care

We are the dry cleaner San Diego residents come to again and again. Locals entrust us with a number of all-important tasks, including cleaning, stain treatment, steaming, pressing, and even specialized work like tailoring and alterations.

We undertake critical procedures like wedding gown cleaning, clothing restoration, cleaning household linens, and maintaining theatrical costumes and attire. We’ve engineered a top-of-the-line facility devoted to reinvigorating the full spectrum of fabrics and clothing pieces. If you’re looking for top-notch dry cleaning in San Diego, Magic Touch Cleaners and Alterations provides all of the following:

  • An incisive examination of the garment or fabric. We look for stains that might require spot treatment, along with any minor tears or loose threading that might need to be repaired. We tighten up threads and buttons completely complimentarily.
  • Complete dry cleaning. The process includes stain treatment with a non-toxic, odorless solvent created as an eco-compliant cleaner used in conjunction with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • A thorough post-clean inspection for optimum quality control.
  • A detailed press and steam.
  • A final examination before we place the item in a protective bag — ready for you to claim!

Easy Pick-up & Delivery Dry Cleaning — San Diego, CA

We recognize you’ve got a busy schedule and plenty of demands on your time. In many instances, you need to get your clothing serviced quickly, but an extra errand is the last thing you want to attempt to squeeze into your day. At Magic Touch Cleaners and Alterations, we pride ourselves on convenience. You can arrange for a pick-up and delivery at the precise times that fit your schedule — totally complimentary.

Simply alert us about your dry cleaning requirements, and we’ll arrive at your home or office at the time you specify. You won’t be interrupting your daily routine, and your dry cleaning can be one less thing weighing on your mind. Use our delivery app, CCC Delivery, to connect with an assigned personal driver and use the Route Manager function to know where your items are in transit. We strive to streamline the customer process as much as possible!

Deploying Eco-Conscious Cleaning Methods

Magic Touch Cleaners and Alterations knows the planet is under significant strain. We want to do our part to shrink our carbon footprint and heal the environment through effective, harm-free cleaning protocols. We use a solvents, which is fully biodegradable and a certified green product ideal for both clothing and the ecosystem.

Call On Magic Touch Cleaners and Alterations

Looking for leather and suede cleaning, wedding dress preservation, tailoring, or some other customized clothing task? Talk to us about these requests to see how we can accommodate them! Our team is eager to tackle a range of challenges and see to it you have the clothing, linens, and textile items in exactly the condition you desire. Give us a call to speak with us directly.

Which garments should I dry clean ?

Upscale fabrics that need professional cleaning like silk, velvet, wool, leather, chiffon, merino and more.

What are the most common garments I should dry clean?

Items like business suits, business shirts, collared shirts, women's dresses, slack or skirts, unique fabric shirts, and various formal attire.