High Rises & Businesses

Providing Valet Dry Cleaning to High Rise Apartments and Businesses in San Diego

Magic Touch Cleaners and Alteration is known as a premium dry cleaning and laundry service in San Diego because we provide high quality work while catering to the convenience of our customers. This includes free pickup and delivery to San Diego high-rise apartments, corporate offices and businesses. In addition, we clean any type of clothing, including suits, shoes, leather, couture gowns, and more.

High-End Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services for Apartments and Businesses

We offer valet laundry and dry cleaning to your tenants, employees, and organization members. Magic Touch Cleaners and Alterations provides the highest quality door-to-door services regardless of the size of your building or company, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Buildings
  • Medical Buildings and Businesses
  • Spas
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Residential Communities
  • Everywhere else!

Who says money can’t buy time? Providing your employees or tenants with the convenience of high-end valet laundry and dry-cleaning is one powerful perk. 

Benefits of All-Inclusive Valet Dry Cleaning at Magic Touch Cleaners and Alteration:

  • Services right at your doorstep
  • No effort on your end
  • You set the pick-up and drop-off days and times
  • Sheer convenience 
  • Honoring of Special Requests
  • All-inclusive Services 
  • Save time, and do more of what you enjoy

Being able to offer your tenants, employees or members a luxury like this has never been easier. Contact us today, and we will set up your custom-tailored service as soon as possible. 

With over 20 years of experience in serving San Diego, you can trust us at San Diego Cleaners and Alterations. All dry cleaning and alterations are cared for by highly trained and skilled professionals, using 100% eco-friendly green products. In addition to premium CCI and DLI certified dry-cleaning and laundry services, we offer wet cleaning, and provide tailoring and alterations. We also have an award-winning bridal team, and service rugs, yacht accessories, leather items and shoes.. And for every service, we donate a portion to the American Cancer Society.