Million dollar Collar

Ever Been Embarrassed By Your Shirt?

Have you ever been embarrassed by your shirt on a special day? We believe that many other men, like you, have faced this same experience at one time or the other. It is always a mess how shirts collapse when a tie is not used with them.

The reason isn’t so far-fetched. Many shirt designers always make their shirts without putting some factors into consideration; because there is hardly a designer who does it right, we all are left with the option of putting up with what they have made.

If there was a way to remedy this, would you take to it? Yes, there is a way. We designed a placket reinforcement which can be permanently installed into the plackets of a shirt to make it firm and appear upscaled for as long as you use it.

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This specifically engineered material is not mere plastic, but a material that can withstand high heat. In addition to that, it is also lightweight, flexible and hardly noticeable. (Please contact us for more information on how we can help make them work on your shirts).

What Difference Does It Make?

Once you have used our placket reinforcement and seen how good it is, you will change your perspective about shirts, and you will, once again, be eager to make shirts your favorite clothing. Moreover, the plackets are permanently installed which makes you enjoy the firmness of your collar everyday.

Do not hesitate to be a part of the customers who are already ‘head over heels’ for this product.