Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

It is sad to note that many industries have deliberately neglected to follow practices that do not have any detrimental effects on the environment, despite the immense awareness of the environment's fragility. The traditional cleaning industry has not been left out either, and some still use toxic detergents and hazardous cleaning methods when offering dry cleaning and laundry services in Downtown San Diego.

But we have decided to work differently and lead from the front by being the change we want to see. By doing so, we have adopted eco-friendly cleaning services to help make the environment a better place for all.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

All the chemicals and the detergents we use have been certified to be environmentally friendly, hence will not have any harmful effects on the environment. For most of our dry cleaning and laundry services in Downtown San Diego, we use 100% Eco Friendly cleaning solutions.

The use of environmentally friendly solutions has eliminated some of the problems associated with traditional dry cleaning solutions like color loss, fabric wear, shrinkage, and even offensive odors once the cleaning is over. These are also some of the advantages that your clothes will have when you bring them to us for our dry cleaning and laundry services.

Other benefits of Eco-friendly cleaning solutions

  • Quality care of your fabrics
  • Superior wash results, leaving the clothes looking new and gentle.
  • No harmful effects on the environment and your health.
  • Reduction in the use of petrochemicals, hence a reduction in the effects of greenhouse gases and smog.
  • No petrochemicals. No worry about smog or greenhouse gases.
  • Cleaner and safer air and water.
  • No skin irritations due to allergens and reactions from toxic dry cleaning detergents.
  • No multi-million dollar cleanups.
  • No more funds spent on environmental cleanup initiatives.
  • Recycling

    Being an environmentally responsible dry cleaning and laundry Company, we do a lot of recycling as part of our eco-friendly practices. From unclaimed garments to cleaning solvents and packaging papers to hangers, we recycle and reuse as much as possible to eliminate the wastes being discharged to the environment due to our actions.

    Work with us to save the environment.

    It is important to note that we live in a shared environment, and it is thus each and everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. As a client looking for dry cleaning and laundry services in San Diego, you can subtly play your role by ensuring that all your cleaning needs are done by environmentally conscious companies like us.