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We offer free pickup and delivery services so you never have to go the dry cleaners again! You never have to go to the dry cleaners in order to have your dry cleaning needs met. As part of enhancing our service delivery to our clients, we offer reliable pickup and delivery services for the convenience of our clients. We desire to make your life as easy as possible and you don’t have to disturb your peace when you need to rest at home or even bother yourself by passing by our company to drop or pick up your clothes.

Relax, we’ve got your back covered. We will pick up the items from your home or office, clean them or offer the needed alteration services, then deliver them back to you.

It will interest you to know that our pickup and delivery services are available in a wide area of Downtown San Diego. If you are in Downtown San Diego, Kettner Blvd, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, La Jolla and Del Mar, you are perfectly within our coverage area and you can have your items picked for cleaning and delivered without any additional monthly charges.

You will also be glad to know that our pickup and delivery services require no start up fee or any initial charges. Simply call for our cleaning and alteration services and you will be entitled to free pickups and deliveries.

FREE Pick-Up
FREE Delivery
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